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Our menu contains our perfected dishes created by our team of chefs who demand only the best. Our menu includes a fine selection of popular and some unique Indian dishes. Thank you for choosing India Today, order a takeaway online and see why our customers consider us the best!

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176 Morningside Road
Edinburgh, EH104PU

Favourite Menu Items


finely minced breast of chicken, deep fried with spiced batter, served with salad and yoghurt sauce


consists of mushrooms, cauliflower, chicken and vegetables


deep fried pastry triangles stuffed with tender chunks of lamb cooked in onion, garlic, mixed spice and fresh coriander


marinated grilled boneless chicken cooked with green peppers, tomatoes, onions and special chaat masala


consists of chicken, lamb kebab, tandoori chicken, tandoori king prawn, seekh kebab and vegetable pakora, served with naan bread


a skewer of marinated tandoori cooked, diced chicken, served with green salad and yoghurt sauce

Customer Reviews of India Today

54 reviews


  • Very good food and service from India Today, which is what I've come to expect from them. The score is slightly reduced from the usual high standards because the lamb was not as perfectly done as previous occasions! But that is not even a complaint, just an observation!


  • India Today are always good. I selected two which I had not tasted before. rajkot king prawn rezala was excellent; very mild spice, a little acidity and fruity flavours, nicely cooked prawns and perfect with the basmati pilau rice. The side dish mushroom bhaji was very simple and rather tasty! I really hope India Today are able to maintain standards.


  • Jolly good. The lamb was perfectly cooked and both dishes had good ingredients. Delivery was reliable as always.


  • The kanpuri karahi lamb was as good as always! The manali sabzi chamon bahar could have done with a little less potatoes and more fresh vegetables and the paratha was not as good a usual. I think the paratha was maybe a little too thick, so it wasn't cooked as well as usual. Generally very good so I would order again.


  • Great food and good selection for vegetarians.


  • [RESUBMITTED]This is the first time we have ordered from India Today because the place we usually go to doesn't deliver to our post code. We were pleasantly surprised and will definitely order again from India Today. The service was good, the food arrived exactly when they said it would, the dishes were hot on arrival and all very tasty. Excellent value for money!




  • Was told by hungry house, my meal would be delayed, but it was even later than that! Not bothered by waiting but nearly two hours is a bit daft. The food was completely synthetic and tasted foul. Aviod.


  • Yet again, the kanpuri karahi lamb was very nice indeed. I usually have it with paratha bread but it is good with rice too. India Today is as close as you can get to restaurant quality food from a take away.


  • Delivery was perfect as always and the food arrived piping hot. A mistake was made with the food where I had asked for lamb but received the chicken version of the curry; it still tasted good! However I was not so keen on the side dish Tarka Daal. Maybe it wasn't a good choice with the curry. On the whole it was another positive experience so will be ordering from India Today in future.


  • I buy from India Today from time to time and they have always been very good. I hope they maintain the quality of the food. Although the prices may seem a little higher than other places, the portions are generous so on the whole good value for money.


  • india today is suprisingly good - it's best takeaway I've had since moving to Edinburgh. food is well fresh and well flavoured.


  • Definitely a cut above other takeaway curries in Edinburgh in my experience. Dishes with distinctive flavours.


  • [RESUBMITTED]Best Take Away ever!!!!!!


  • India today always deliver really fresh, tasty food in good time. Read the menu and you'll be tantalised by the range of beautiful spices, herbs and ingredients that make them stand out - and the food doesn't disappoint!